100 Men Campaign

100 Men Campaign

Working together to end violence against women & girls.

Men taking a stand and speaking out to help end violence against women and girls.

Wave of Change

You can be the wave of change in ending violence against women and girls!  Wave of Change is a new video created by the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan (WRCNM).  It features the Van Dam family of Boyne City, Michigan, and how they are taking their awareness of the issue of violence against women to the next level.  The video invites all of us to infuse every day and every action with the kind of values we hope to see in the future because the future depends entirely on what each of us do every day.


Joe Ehrmann on moral clarity

Joe Ehrmann, a defensive tackle for 10 seasons, beseeches viewers to imagine what it would be like to see a loved one being subjected to abuse. 'Think how that makes you feel. Think about your feelings toward that perpetrator of that violence.'

Ted Talk: Justin Baldoni 

In this TED Talk, Justin Baldoni talks about starting a dialogue with men about redefining masculinity to figure out ways to be not just good men, but good humans. In a warm, personal talk, he shares his effort to reconcile who he is with who the world tells him a man should be. And he has a challenge for men: "See if you can use the same qualities that you feel make you a man to go deeper," Baldoni says. "Your strength, your bravery, your toughness: Are you brave enough to be vulnerable? Are you strong enough to be sensitive? Are you confident enough to listen to the women in your life?"


Promote integrity, non-violence and respect on and off the court

Some of the most important goals for the Red Riots basketball team are off the court. The coach and players emphasize that as men they will not be defined by the strength of their physical attributes, but by the strength of their character, attitudes, beliefs and their actions.

“Our wins and losses may matter today, but the lives we lead as students, sons, brothers, friends and in the future as professionals partners and fathers – t ese lives will transform our communities for years to come.”

By promoting integrity, non-violence and respect you will take your team’s leadership and sportsmanship to the next level. You and your team can help build safer and stronger communities through athletics.

For more information visit: Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program on YouTube, or via their website.

Where’s the line video

This video illustrates the line between love and control.  For additional videos and information regarding teen power and control and teen dating violence visit loveisrespect.org.

Coaching Boys Into Men

An introductory video showing how the Coaching Boys Into Men program is being successfully employed in Sacramento, California.

Joe Ehrmann at TEDxBaltimore 2013

Joe Ehrmann has been an educator, author, activist, pastor and coach for more than 25 years. He was a college All-American athlete who played professional football for 13 years. Among numerous awards, Joe has been named "The Most Important Coach in America" for his work to transform the culture of sports.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) events address a wide range of topics within the research and practice of science and culture, often through storytelling. The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways they can to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.

Tony Porter - Ted Talk, "A Call to Men"

New Orleans Saints' Ben Watson
wants you to get involved by saying "NO More."

Red Sox “It gets better” anti-bullying campaign

The Red Sox have joined the "It Gets Better Project" and "The Trevor Project" to inspire hope for young people who may be struggling.

Man Prayer

Spoken by men from around the globe; reshaping how we define masculinity and strength.

1 is 2 MANY:  a message from the White House

It's up to all of us to put an end to sexual assault and that starts with you.  Be a role model for healthy relationships. Mentor and teach younger people to also act as role models.

Use your power for good

We can all help end violence against women and girls.

Internet Harassment Of Women: When Haters Do More Than Just Hate
An interview on NPR's TELL ME MORE