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Believe what you do matters. Make what you do matter.

You BELIEVE what you do matters. It matters to you how others see and relate to you and how you feel about yourself. You want to enjoy authentic relationships. You want to live a good life and hope others do too.  You want to live in a safe and thriving community.

How can you MAKE what you do matter?

  • Reach out to someone in need of support
  • Build respectful relationships based on honesty, trust and open communication
  • Show compassion and respect for others
  • Honor the rights of all people to live free from violence
  • Strengthen your relationships and community through empathy, compassion and generosity

To learn more about making a positive difference and creating safe and thriving communities, contact the Violence Prevention Coordinator at (231) 347-1572.

Learn about joining the 100 Men Campaign as a way to  make a positive difference in your community.