wrcnm childrens advocacy center

Children’s Advocacy Center

The Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) provides a safe, supportive atmosphere for children who have been physically or sexually abused or have witnessed a violent act. The CAC’s Forensic Coordinator will conduct forensic interviews with children and coordinate the efforts of child protective services, law enforcement, prosecutors, Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan advocates/therapists, mental health providers and the medical community. Collaboratively, the team will work together to ensure local families get the best support possible.

Children’s Advocacy Center Services

  • Provide a safe, supportive environment for children who may have been physically or sexually abused or have witnessed a violent act.
  • A specially trained forensic interviewer talks to the child about what happened while a multi-disciplinary team, including law enforcement and child protective services, observes the interview in a separate room.
  • Multi-disciplinary team members work collaboratively to share information to avoid multiple interviews, minimize trauma and coordinate a response that best meets the needs of the child and family.
  • Additional concerns, such as need for a medical exam or mental health services, are addressed by the multi-disciplinary team at time of interview.
  • Family assistance for counseling, advocacy and support services is provided throughout the process.

Reach the Children’s Advocacy Center at (231) 758-2727 or call the 24-hour help and information line at (231) 347-0082 or (800) 275-1995.