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RESPECT is Everything

Lesson Overview

One: Cultural/Media Influences and Teen Relationships
• Music and media clip activities to encourage critical thinking related to violence prevention
• Examination of relationship stereotypes and myths
• Exploration of expectations of dating
Two: Michigan Law and Sexual Assault Prevention (Grade 9 and Up)
• Age of consent and sexual assault laws
• Consequences (legal, social, physical, and emotional)
• What is sexual assault and rape?
• The continuum of consent
• Primary prevention
Grades 7 and 8
• Understanding conflict resolution and bullying
• Non-violent communication practice and knowing the difference between aggression and assertiveness
• Respectful response practice
• Media literacy exploration as it relates to healthy relationships
Three: Dating Abuse and Violence
• Teen Power and Control Wheel
• Understanding different forms of power and control
• Bullying and relationship communication
• Social networking, texting, and teen relationships
• Teen leadership and resources

WRCNM Violence Prevention Coordinator Megan King has been teaching teens and young adults about safe and respectful relationships for nearly a decade; she would love to bring this program to your school. For a detailed lesson plan, including copies of our activities and handouts, call WRCNM at (231) 347-1572 or email Megan King.