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100 Men Campaign mirrors national, global efforts

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Several contributors helped kick off the fifth year of the 100 Men Campaign, a local effort to engage men in the movement to end violence against women and girls. Pictured reviewing campaign materials are (from left) Dan Branson, Chuck Smith, Doug Fuller and Kevin Burns.

The 100 Men Campaign was developed by the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan (WRCNM) to help men become more actively involved in the movement to end violence against women and children. The campaign invites northern Michigan men to take a public stand against the violence that impacts 1 in 4 U.S. women, by having their name published in local newspapers and donating $100 to support local prevention initiatives.

In its fifth year, the 100 Men Campaign is one of many programs across the nation to engage men in the effort to help end what has become one of the most significant social issues of our time—violence against women and children. WRCNM Executive Director, Jan Mancinelli, says men in the community have always wanted to help in one way or another.

“Men in the community have supported the Women’s Center and Safe Home for decades,” said Mancinelli. “Back when the Safe Home was heated with wood, men would help cut, split and stack wood to provide warmth for survivors and their children who had taken refuge at the shelter.” The work was an active way for local men to get involved and help, while providing a visible result.

“Several years ago we conducted focus groups with local men to learn more about their willingness to get involved in this issue. The men we talked to wanted to help survivors and also ensure a safer future for their daughters, sisters, mothers and friends, but they weren’t sure how to go about it,” Mancinelli said.

The 100 Men Campaign has grown from 125 to 161 over the past four years. Recently, Mancinelli sat down with several campaign donors and encouraged them to further develop the campaign through their feedback and suggestions.

The issue of violence against women has never been so prominent in the media, online and in every day conversations than during the past year, according to Mancinelli. Violence against women and girls has been making headlines in the sports arena, high-profile cases and on college campuses with regard to Title IX legislation aimed at provided educational environments free from sexual harassment and violence.

“The more local awareness and education we can provide around this issue and about the roots of this violence, the better chance we have of ending it,” said Mancinelli. “We are encouraged to have the support of men in the community who are teachers, doctors, police officers, business owners and leaders—who are also brothers, fathers, sons and grandfathers—who want to step up and say this violence in no longer acceptable.”

The Women’s Center has provided supportive services to thousands of survivors since 1977. “We are at a tipping point in ending this epidemic of violence,” said Mancinelli. “Now is the time to take action.”

To learn more about the 100 Men Campaign, or how to donate, contact the WRCNM main office at (231) 347-0067 or visit wrcnm.org/100-men-campaign.