100 Men Campaign: your kindness makes a difference

100 Men Campaign Together create safe thriving 2021 222

After a challenging and uncertain year, we remain certain that kindness matters.

Now in its 12th year, those who support the 100 Men Campaign have an opportunity to spread genuine, meaningful kindness in our communities. Your kindness matters as we continue to strengthen safe and thriving communities together.

Every small act of kindness has the ability to impact someone’s day, week, month or lifetime:

A kind word to a stranger can uplift their spirits.
Lending a hand or tool to a neighbor can help them finish a tough project.
Standing up against sexism can build trust with others.

Everyday acts of kindness have the power to influence others to practice an act of kindness themselves. It touches each of us, regardless of our background or status, and inspires us to act with kindness in ways that continue the flow throughout our communities.

Our collective kindness nourishes our communities, friends and neighbors, creating a robust environment of empathy, compassion, altruism and generosity. Will you join us in creating safe and thriving communities filled with kindness with a gift to the 100 Men Campaign?

When you support the 100 Men Campaign with a donation of $100 or more, you share your kindness and build safe and thriving communities through programs and services provided by Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan.

To learn more or donate, click here.  If you have additional questions or wish to give by phone or mail or call (231) 347-0067.