Local men take a stand against gender-based violence

100 Men Campaign: taking a stand

Northern Michigan men are standing together to help create safe and thriving communities. 

They are choosing to be part of the solution in ending domestic abuse, sexual assault, child abuse and child sexual assault which are very real and serious community problems that require community solutions and investment.

Their support of the 100 Men Campaign helps:

  • WRCNM provide vital services to adults and children in northern Michigan who are experiencing the emotional and physical trauma of abuse and assault.
  • WRCNM efforts to educate, engage and empower the community to address issues facing women and children in northern Michigan.
  • Demonstrate their intention to be part of creating positive change, healing and hope in our communities.

Men are an important part of the movement to end violence against women and children as role models for other men and boys and allies to women and girls in the important work to end domestic and sexual violence.

We thank current 100 Men Campaign contributors for being role models and allies, and for taking a public stand to end gender-based violence:

Anthony Alessi
Steve Barney
David Beier
Eric Bergsma
Ken Biddick
Neil Bidwell
Steve Biggs
Steve Boeckman
Gordon Bourland
Rick Brandi
William Brown
Dean Burns
Kevin Burns
David Buzzelli
John Campbell
Perry Clark
Hugh Conklin
Jack Crotty
David Crouse
Allen Damschroder
Clifford Denay Jr.
Bill Dickson
Ryan Donahoe
Michael Durbin
Nancy Dwan
Robert Essenberg
Frank Ettawageshik
James Fabiano
Matthew Font
Peter Ford
Mark Fralick
Jim Frang
Arthur Frentz
Edward Frey
Jerome Galante
Fred Geuder
Eric Grandstaff
Uri B. Grannis
Lawrence Graves Jr
Chip Hansen
Bruce Herbert
Jack Hodge

John Holder
Scott Hotchkiss
Mike Isermann
Henry Jallos
Timothy Jarvi
James Jeakle
John Jorgensen
Ron Kadlec
Joe Kanine
Michael Kelbel
D. Scott Kelly
John Kenzie
Joseph Kimmel
Kevin King
Preston Kloss
Bruce Koch
Dave Kring
Jason Kromm
Edward Kukla
Russell LaBeau
Frank Lamberti
Bill Larsen
James Linderman
Steve Little
Conrad Loucks
Jeff Lowe
Eric Loyd
Fred Malpass
James Malpass
Mark Manker
John Martenson
Webb Martin
David McBride
Michael McElroy
Vaughn McGraw
Matthew McLeod
William Meengs
Hugh Melling
David Meyer
Phillip Millard
Patrick Monette
Glen Morse
Rob Mossburg
William Mulder

Dan Musser
Tom Neidhamer
Jim Nestell
William Norcross
Greg Nuding
Alan Nutter
Alan Olmsted
James Osetek
Frank Parkinson
Roy Pulaski
Steve Radecki
James Ramer
Charles Rettstadt
Ronald Rinker
Christopher Sangster
Paul Schemanski
Sam Sharp
David Skornia
Carlin Smith
Scott Smith
W. Richard Smith
Steve Spencer
Kendall Stanley
Richard Stone
Roberta Svatora
Matt Tamm
Thomas Teske
Carl Thomas
Frank Torok
Ben Van Dam
David Van Dam
Steve Van Dam
Gordon Van Wieren
Tom VanDeventer
William Veling
Philip Welch
Nick White
John Wickett
Dan Wilcox
Larry Willis
Bill Wilson
Ian Wilson
Brian Wittenberg

To learn about how you can create positive change in your business, organization or community, contact the Violence Prevention Coordinator at (231) 347-1572. As a vital member of our community, we invite you to join those listed above by supporting the 100 Men Campaign with your contribution.