Cheboygan County philanthropy supports services

Bishop Cadillac donation June 2020

Recent financial support of Cheboygan area businesses, organizations and community members help fund the important work of Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan (WRCNM) in Cheboygan County and positively impact those who reach out for our specialized services.

  • Matt Dunn of Bishop GMC Cadillac is pictured (above) presenting a donation to assist Cheboygan County survivors to WRCNM Board Member Annette Eustice who lives and works in Cheboygan.
  • Cheboygan Communities Foundation, Inc., provided funding for Cheboygan County residents seeking support via Educational and Employment Services.
  • Werner Plumbing and Heating based in Cheboygan provided financial support to cover expenses not funded or not fully funded by grants via a general donation.
  • Cheboygan Lioness Club continued their support of WRCNM programs and services as an ongoing donor.
  • The Women Can/Women Do-Cheboygan Committee developed an alternative fundraising idea to recover dollars lost from canceling the luncheon due to concerns about COVID-19, while also supporting local businesses and groups.
  • BKC Insurance (Indian River) reached out with funding to partially support WRCNM’s collaborative efforts to create a Cheboygan County multidisciplinary team to support Cheboygan families utilizing WRCNM’s Children’s Advocacy Center services.
  • Womenade grants provide financial assistance to those utilizing WRCNM counseling, advocacy, educational/employment and support services.
  • Proceeds from a private Endowment donor will help support WRCNM’s Cheboygan area services.

“The grant from Cheboygan Communities Foundation has already helped a Cheboygan County single mom take summer classes at North Central — she is pursuing an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems. We are so grateful to have this opportunity for students in Cheboygan County to pursue their education.  Womenade has also helped multiple Cheboygan County clients and students with financial support for utilities, childcare and tuition facilitated through WRCNM.” ~ Stacey Burns, WRCNM Educational and Employment Services Coordinator

“Working within the Counseling Program, I am able to provide trauma-focused therapeutic services to Cheboygan County women, men, boys and girls of all ages who have experienced sexual abuse, sexual assault or domestic violence. I also provide services for secondary survivors who have had a loved one experience trauma firsthand. In addition to counseling services, my position allows me to provide supportive services and advocacy to clients as they proceed through the court process, locate housing and other needed services.  Your thoughtful donation helps me provide all of these services to our community members.” ~Elise Tippett, WRCNM Therapist

“These donations have a positive impact on Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan Children’s Advocacy Center (WRCNM-CAC) and our community. Because of donations like these, we have been able to provide forensic interviews and advocacy services to Cheboygan County families. They also support continuing collaboration between WRCNM-CAC and the Cheboygan County CAC multidisciplinary team, including law enforcement, prosecutor’s office, and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. This collaboration has been fundamental in creating and implementing CAC services which help promote safety, healing and support to the families we serve. ~Kristian Coronado, Forensic Coordinator                                                                 

“Thank you for all of the community donations. This support allows us to continue to do important work with survivors of domestic and sexual abuse in Cheboygan County. It’s wonderful to know that our local businesses and community recognize the significance of our work and need for services. We appreciate you all.”  ~Amber Whitmore-Michel, WRCNM Counselor/Advocate