Children’s Advocacy Center provides support, healing and empowerment

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For 44 years, Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan (WRCNM) has served a vital and important role in responding to and serving the needs of survivors of abuse and assault in our local communities. Two years ago, WRCNM established the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) to further support child survivors and their families by working collaboratively with community partners.

WRCNM Forensic Coordinator, Kristian Coronado and WRCNM Family Advocate, Madelyn Slamka share below what makes this program unique:

WRCNM CAC advocates for families from the moment they walk into our office to help bring healing, justice and well-being to everyone who utilizes this essential service. WRCNM CAC provides a welcoming and neutral center for children and their families to share their experiences and helps to remove barriers to ensure all families who are interested in services are able to receive them. This allows families to feel heard, empowered and included for their personal sense of justice and healing.

WRCNM CAC also provides a center for specially-trained WRCNM staff, law enforcement, child protective services and the prosecutor to come together in response to child abuse cases. These agencies work together as a multidisciplinary team to reduce the number of interviews a child victim must undergo and preserve their physical and emotional well-being.

“My goal as an advocate is to aid in providing safety and support for families to grow and thrive, in spite of the adversity they have faced. It is my hope that in celebrating survivors’ strength and resilience, we can foster stronger and safer communities.”

~Madelyn Slamka, Family Advocate


“WRCNM CAC allows me the opportunity to work with a supportive organization and multidisciplinary team partners who are working to change the response to child abuse. This program is so important because it helps everyone involved to become more child-centered and trauma-focused.”

~Kristian Coronado, Forensic Coordinator

WRCNM’s 24-Hour Help and Information Line can be reached at (231) 347-0082 or (800) 275-1995.