Healing Journey | Surviving to Thriving

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Our daily work with survivors helps them gain autonomy and confidence while they heal from the emotional and physical trauma of domestic abuse.

Power and control dynamics related to domestic abuse create unique barriers and challenges for survivors. Some of the tactics used in abusive relationships include limiting who the survivor sees, isolating them from family and friends and controlling household finances. As a result, the survivor must often choose between living with an abusive partner and living on the streets.

Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan Counselor/Advocates help survivors navigate myriad of obstacles on their healing journey, such as emergency shelter at the agency’s Safe Home, safety planning, securing employment, finding day care for their children during the times they are at work, establishing credit, locating affordable housing and developing friendships and a support system.

It’s constant work, but survivors often feel it is freeing and empowering. They see the gains they are making toward a life free of abuse and it feels good. The work is worth it.

“It’s been helpful having someone neutral to talk to. Getting what’s been locked deep inside for years out there. I felt a weight lifted and my compass is pointing me in the correct direction, now. My life will be safer, happier and healthier because of you.” ~Survivor

Will you help us continue to build bridges to safety, respect, hope, and support for survivors through safe shelter, counseling, advocacy, justice, education and employment?

Your support of our work helps adult and child survivors of abuse and assault feel supported, safe, valued and connected to others. As a result, they gain confidence and self-esteem. They become stronger and our community becomes stronger.