100 Men Campaign

Where do you stand in ending violence against women?

Recently, there has been an awakening to the ongoing and pervasive problem of violence against women. So, what do we do now? What actions do we take in our everyday lives to help make a positive change? How can men be a part of the conversation and solution in ending violence against women?

Start by taking a stand. Decide to stand with those who stand AGAINST sexism, inequality and oppression. These are the roots of violence against women. Choose to stand with those who stand FOR respect, kindness and healthy relationships.

Be a role model to others and know that most people do not support domestic abuse, sexual assault and harassment. Know that if you speak up, others will see you as a strong and compassionate advocate for women and children. Know that by taking a stand, you are making a positive difference.

Learn how you can take action and make a positive difference, at 100 Men Campaign.