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Your donation questions answered

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Below are answers to recent questions regarding donations to the Safe Home and Gold Mine Resale Shop.  Additional questions may be directed to the WRCNM main office at (231) 347-0067, Gold Mine North Resale Shop at (231) 348-7908 or Gold Mine South Resale Shop at (231) 347-3970.

Are items donated at the Gold Mine Resale Shop ever given to those in need rather than sold?

Gold Mine Resale Shops provide vouchers to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, as well as community members who may be facing a difficult situation, such as a house fire.  The vouchers may be used toward needed items in either Gold Mine store.  Annually, Gold Mine stores provide vouchers totaling $5,000 to $6,000, depending on need.

Do you accept items such as open boxes of feminine products for any of your support programs?

We accept opened packages of infant/toddler diapers and feminine products (pads, liners, tampons) for our Safe Home shelter. Food items must be unopened and within the expiration date printed on the container.  These items may be dropped off at Gold Mine Shop, 1878 US-31 North and 1002 Emmet Street in Petoskey, or the WRCNM main office at 423 Porter Street in Petoskey.

Are larger donated items refurbished before being resold?

Because Gold Mine stores do not employ repair staff, items are sold as they are donated to us.  For this reason, it is preferred donated items are in working and/or usable condition.

How can I get a tax-deductible contribution receipt for my donated items?

Donation receipts are easily accessible at each Gold Mine Shop donation station for individuals dropping off goods.  If you need assistance in locating the receipts, please ask a Gold Mine staff person for assistance.